Starting fresh

A career as a professional musician is the life Lanie Lane once craved.

But after signing with Ivy League Music,releasing two acclaimed albums andtouring with thelikes of Jack White, Lane discovered that it was not the life for her.

In a blog on her website in February last year, Lane, 28, announced her sudden departure from the music industry.

Overwhelmed by thepressureof touringand recording, Lane feltanxious and depressed.

The desire to write and create still remained butthe ambition to chasefame had left her as had the desire to live the “rock’n’roll lifestyle”on the road.

“I felt really supported,” Lane says of her step away from the limelight.

“I felt everyone was cool with it and a lot of people in the industry and other musicians realised how full-on it is as a job and how much it really takes out of you if you’re not totally made for that kind of lifestyle.

“There is a lot of pressure to keep success running but it’s not realistic because that’s not how life works.

“We all go through our peaks and troughs and that’snatural.

“It’s like expecting to havesummertime all of the time – you can’t have summertime all of the time. You have to go into your winter sometimes.”

After living in country Victoria for three years,Lane packed herself up in a van with her beloved dog to explore the Northern Territory.

Six months ago, she moved to the central Queensland coast outside of Rockhampton to live on a property in the bush after finding love with her partner, Tom.

She has written a handful of new songs but hasfocused much of the creative energy on visual art, learning to screen print and creating works that she will sell at shows on her Summer Gatherings tour.

Yes, she’s back on the road again but this time it is on herown terms.

She returned to the stage after an offer came through to perform at the Woodford Folk Festival.

Lanethenadded a handful of shows, playing small towns such as Bellingen, Milton and Barham.

“That [Woodford]sparked this whole thing, so it has beenreally nice to just go with the flow,” Lane says.

“I’m learning a lot about myself through this because I didn’t really expect to be doing it and it feels almost like going back and rewriting how I used to do it, how I dealt with everythingand it’s nice because it’s a low pressure environment.

“I am keeping it really real – which is hard to do when you’re trying to support a band and trying to sell records and do heaps of interviews and going all over the place.

“It’s just nice and grounded which is what I really wanted. It has given me a chance to refresh how I do stuff but, at the same time, it’s also reminding me that long-term touring all the time isn’t sustainable for me because I can burn out quite quickly being away from home.

“I’ve realised how important routine is and having that sense of belonging to a place.”

She has a new trackto unveil which is “three songs in one” (“It’s under 10 minutes long, I promise,” she laughs) but will focus onperforming music from her 2011rockabilly and blues themed album,To The Horses, and the moodier pop follow up, 2014’s Night Shade.

“That song is anew thing that I’m happy to share but I’ll be mostly playing the other albums,” Lane says.

“I’m not planning on making another record any time soon.”

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